December 17, 2009

My Year in Review

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It’s been a couple of years since I sent out holiday cards, but I actually got my act in gear this year. When you don’t have kids, and aren’t willing to take that last step to crazy cat lady by putting pictures of your feline “children” on your holiday cards, it’s hard to write a letter that doesn’t sound like a narcissistic dispatch. I had been putting off the letter when a friend mentioned that there was no need to do a letter because “it’s all on Facebook.” That was the perfect inspiration — a collection of Facebook status updates and photos from the past 12 months!

It was hard to edit down — I went from 20+ pages of the whole year down to four pages of the best. But that still smacked of excessive self-absorption, so I managed to get it down to two pages.  Here it is, in Web form. (Or, click here to download a PDF version.)

December 5 at 2:38 am: Beth Millett is an aunt again! Sheridan Elizabeth was born 10:30 p.m., December 4. She’s 7 pounds, 10 ounces and 19 inches long. [I can’t wait to meet her in a few weeks when I spend Christmas and New Year’s in Park City, Utah.]

November 10 at 6:05 am: Beth Millett no longer has a warning light on her car; now it’s on her bank account.

November 7 at 7:43 am: Stretching with Boomer before the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon… [Neither he nor I actually ran the race.]

November 1 at 7:09 am: Beth Millett is observing candy-swapping negotiations that rival a meeting with heads of state. [I spent Halloween with the Lahertys.]

October 30 at 7:14 pm: Beth Millett’s weather-impervious pants have been perviated. [Run Like Hell would have been more aptly called Rain Like Hell.]

October 8 at 9:00 am: Beth Millett is clearly too old for such energetic concert behavior [after seeing Great Big Sea in Louisville]. My hands are bruised from clapping for two hours straight, my arms are like spaghetti from being held over my head clapping. But it was worth it when Kris and Murray said, “Yeah, we could see you in the audience.” Who, me, noticeable?

The lads: Alan Doyle, lead vocals and guitar; Murray Foster, bass; and Kris MacFarlane, drums.

September 9 at 3:12 pm: Beth Millett just found out that her tickets for Great Big Sea in Louisville on October 7 are second row, dead center. She’s never had seats that good for ANYTHING in her life. That’s close enough she should be able to throw her underwear up on stage. With her still in them.

September 8 at 7:12 pm: Beth Millett is happy her dad drank the last bottle of her ex-boyfriend’s beer.

September 7 at 11:10 am: Beth Millett is failing at resisting the urge to dance to the music in Crate and Barrel.

September 4 at 8:54 pm: Beth Millett just saw Mom and Dad’s name on the [Victory Field] scoreboard, wishing them a happy 43rd anniversary!

September 2 at 8:02 am: Beth Millett just amused the kids at the bus stop by dragging a bathtub to the curb for the garbageman.

August 30 at 2:30 pm: Beth Millett is about to use the new shower for the first time and hoping that there’s no water in the garage when she’s done.

August 27 at 5:54 pm: Is it just me, or are wax rings about the nastiest things on the planet?

August 25 at 10:20 pm: o hai. teh flur iz dun. so iz me. kthxbai. [After taking 19 months to complete the master bathroom renovation, I attempt to complete the guest bathroom in 19 days. It took 24 days.]

August 25 at 8:04 am: Beth Millett suspects there is a banana somewhere in her car. [Yup; it had fallen into a compartment in the door. Wish I had found it a few days sooner.]

August 22 at 3:23 pm: Beth Millett was disappointed she did not personally witness the indecent exposure penalty at this morning’s Sprint Triathlon.

August 21 at 5:07 pm: Beth Millett’s niece Katelin turns two years old today! Happy birthday, Peanut!

August 20 at 8:35 pm: Beth Millett managed to get only slightly more paint on the walls than she did on herself.

August 19 at 6:35 pm: Beth Millett went almost 48 hours without a trip to Home Depot/Lowe’s.

August 15 at 4:25 pm: Beth Millett is explaining to a first-time triathlete that, no, the swim comes first, then bike, THEN the run. Tomorrow [Tri Indy] should be oodles of fun!

August 11 at 7:40 pm: Beth Millett thought she was really rocking Jeopardy tonight. Then she realized it was the college kid version.

August 6 at 8:06 am: Beth Millett is celebrating eight years at Borshoff, the best full-service communciations agency ever!

August 4 at 6:42 am: Beth Millett just drained three beers at the office. (Okay, it was into a crockpot of bratwurst for today’s pitch-in.)

August 3 at 6:07 am: Beth Millett is excited to have launched the new Storytelling Arts of Indiana Web site, [I am still volunteering for this great organization. Thanks to all of you who have also supported it this year. I appreciate your contributions!]

July 31 at 5:10 pm: Beth Millett thinks there is nothing more fabulous than getting home and putting on her Crocs flip-flops. Bright pink lifts the spirits, super squishy material cushions the sole.

July 29 at 5:22 pm: Beth Millett is going home to scrub her floor Cinderella-style. Well, without all the help from woodland creatures.

July 28 at 7:43 am: Beth Millett took three years to do it, but finally replaced the little light bulb in her dryer.

July 24 at 1:24 pm: Beth Millett just found out today is National Tequila Day. This changes everything!

July 20 at 7:03 am: Beth Millett is being crowned this afternoon. Okay, so it’s on her back left molar, but still, you should curtsy or bow when in her presence.

June 3 at 1:21 pm: Beth Millett is meeting with fulfillment vendors today. Why does the sight of all those conveyor belts, packing slips and skids of product get her excited?

May 27 at 11:19 am: Beth Millett realizes it’s time to leave the beach when the hook on your bikini top breaks… [I spent a week at my parents’ house in Wilmington, NC, with my sister and her family.]

May 17 at 1:55 pm: Beth Millett observes from [her volunteer post for] Kids’ Day: the problem isn’t the kids, it’s the parents.

May 15 at 5:38 pm: Beth Millett cracks up when truckers honk at her when she’s driving with the top down.

May 1 at 7:16 am: Beth Millett is wearing her all-terrain Crocs — nothing like shoes you can put in the dishwasher!

April 30 at 1:03 pm: Beth Millett was busted for snoring in yoga class.

April 17 at 6:56 pm: Beth Millett is making a mental note: put top up on convertible before using table saw in driveway.

April 5 at 11:52 am: I cannot believe I have never in my life roasted peeps, but they were spectacular — a little like campfire crème brûlée!

April 4 at 4:43 pm: Beth Millett is trying to explain low center of gravity to a five-year-old in a hammock.

April 3 at 9:32 pm: Beth Millett discovered that, with a clipboard, a Bluetooth headset and an air of authority, you can get just about anywhere in the world.

March 31 at 5:53 pm: Beth Millett hereby declares Home Depot as her religion. She has worshipped here more in the last week than in any church in the last decade or more.

March 29 at 11:53 am: Having rectified yesterday’s plumbing disaster, Beth moves on to other new and exciting potential disasters.

March 23 at 6:16 pm: Beth Millett is driving home Clampett-style; new bi-fold door is sticking out of the topless convertible.

March 20 at 7:24 pm: Beth Millett is pondering the possibility of purple PVC plumbing primer for a pedicure, since it’s already all over her hands.

March 16 at 6:40 pm: Beth Millett loves that the drywall she just bought is labeled, in Spanish, that it was made in the U.S.

March 8 at 12:36 pm: Beth Millett is sanding the bejeebers out of her bathroom walls.

March 5 at 6:11 pm: Finally — some studs in my bathroom!

February 28 at 10:12 am: Beth Millett is starting demolition on the old master bath shower. Mmm, sledgehammer. Mmm, reciprocating saw. What more could a girl want on a Saturday morning?

February 24 at 12:42 pm: Beth Millett is trimming back the spider plant in her office, which a coworker says looks like Tina Turner in the “What’s Love Got to Do With It” video.

February 17 at 8:36 am: Beth Millett is attending sexual harassment training this morning. As if she isn’t good enough at it already.

February 10 at 6:07 pm: Beth Millett has told you a hundred billion times, stop exaggerating.

February 8 at 9:09 pm: Beth Millett has a fully functional master bathroom shower/tub! Amazing!

February 2 at 6:28 pm: Beth Millett’s favorite moment from [Katie Laherty] last weekend: “Aunt Beth, I just don’t know how you do it, but you always make people smile wherever you go.”

February 1 at 8:31 am: Beth Millett is cracking up: five-year-old George yelled “Fire in the hole!” when we turned the jets on in the hot tub.

January 21 at 9:17 pm: Beth Millett is not sure she is happy or sad that people from high school remember her as “the girl who put her whole fist in her mouth.”

January 14 at 5:37 pm: Beth Millett is shoveling her driveway and then contemplating a move to Tahiti.

January 14 at 8:57 am: Beth Millett loves running over the clods of dirty snow that fall off cars. Such a satisfying thunk.

January 10 at 8:17 am: Beth Millett is stripping again…. more wallpaper.

November 5, 2009

Shop Much?

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Maybe I should clean the pantry out a little more often. When I got home on Friday night from Run Like Hell, looking like a drowned rat and having had only a banana and some soggy cookies for dinner, I thought a bowl of soup sounded like a great idea — not too heavy for a late dinner, and nice and warm. So, I checked my pantry. There were three cans of chicken noodle soup in varying sizes. My gut told me though, that I should check the expiration dates. Indeed — March 2007, November 2007 and January 2008. And this is November 2009. So, um, I did not have soup for dinner.


November 3, 2009

Run Like Hell? Rain Like Hell!

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Friday night I timed a race after work — Run Like Hell. I think we’ve done this for five or six years the Friday night before Halloween. I’m not much for wearing costumes myself, but I always enjoy seeing what people think they can wear while running three miles. Last year, the best costume was a guy in a 17-pound jack-o-lantern. It had to smell pretty gross in there. Another of my favorites was in the group category the first or second year — imagine running three miles on a narrow path wearing a school bus (my favorite part was that the headlights actually worked!):


This year, it was sprinkling just a little bit when I left the office at five to head over to the old Washington Street Bridge in White River State Park. By the time I got there, it was drizzling steadily, so I pulled out the raincoat. After setting up for a few minutes, it was raining a bit more, so I pulled on the rain pants. (After the 2008 Chicago Half Marathon, when it rained for 42 hours straight and I was outside in more than 10 of those, I vowed never to be caught by surprise again.) I set up the 10 by 10 tent and put the small table for my computer right in the middle, thinking the wind might blow a few sprinkles but that I should be okay.

By the time the race started at 7 p.m., it was seriously raining, and it only got worse — the wind was whipping things around like crazy and some random stranger (and he WAS strange) had taken shelter under my tent and was holding the whole thing down (this despite it being anchored to Phil’s truck, a generator, and a marine battery, as well as being staked at all four legs). Eventually, I stretched the cords a bit and took refuge in the truck to finish crunching results. We canceled the awards ceremony and sent everyone home  (not that anyone was still there!)

Here’s one photo Don took, and captioned, before it got really bad.


You can see more great photos by Jeff Coates at his Web site. You’ll get a good sense of how windy and wet it really was! It had to be one of the top three most miserable races I’ve timed. However, thankfully the temperatures were in the 60s or we would have been freezing as well as totally soaked!

August 16, 2009

Day Eight: Swim, Bike, Run, Plumb

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It was a busy weekend! On Saturday, I timed a 5K run in the morning, had a couple of hours break and then worked the packet pickup for Sunday’s TriIndy. It’s a unique triathlon held in White River State Park. The swim is in the canal, which always gets a lot of attention, because the general public is always grossed out by the algae and vegetation in the canal. However, the water is as clean as Eagle Creek and Morse Reservoirs, where we have other triathlons. And triathletes are a hardy bunch — they never complain.

I was up this morning at 4 a.m. to be downtown by 5 a.m. and ran nonstop until about 1 p.m. The race went off without a hitch, or at least without any more hitches than usual. It’s a bit of a three-ring circus, since there are essentially four events to time: Olympic distance, Olympic teams, Sprint distance and duathlon.

So, after a nap and a shower, I got back to business in the guest bathroom. With Marie’s help, I installed the back wall of the tub and one of the short walls. The tub is engineered to have caulk-free seams, and it was very easy to put in place. Then I worked on the plumbing, trying to get all the joints to line up for the new mixing control on the shower. I’m almost done. I love, love, love SharkBite plumbing fittings. They are solder-free and the copper pipe just snaps in. With a little tool, you can snap them back off. This gives me a lot of flexibility in my measurements and placement, because I don’t have to cut off a whole chunk of copper pipe that’s been soldered in place when (I can’t even say if, because it’s bound to happen) I make a mistake. Plus, if I get stuck, run out of energy or have to go to Home Depot, I can pop a cap on and the whole shebang will hold under pressure when I turn the water back on. They’re expensive — $4 to $6 per fitting compared to the 50 cents or so for copper fittings — but have made my plumbing life so much easier!


April 6, 2009

Runners and tractors and cabinets, oh my!

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Last weekend I was in Bloomington for the fourth IU Circle of Life Mini Marathon. The race is a 13.1 mile race and we also offer a 5K for those not quite so die-hard. I was the lead timer for the event and only mildly nervous about it. Everything went off without a hitch. We had 450 people finish the 5K and 788 in the half marathon. The morning started out very cold but once the sun came up, it was a spectacular day. I was able to stretch the power and networking cables enough to set myself up in the endzone of Memorial Stadium.

My computer room was set up in the endzone of Memorial Stadium. Pretty cool!

My computer room was set up in the endzone of Memorial Stadium. Pretty cool!

After the race, I spent Saturday with the Lahertys. The highlight included getting a lesson on driving the tractor and a bonfire that evening, with the best BBQ ribs I’ve ever tasted, some wicked good margaritas, and general merry-making. Good thing the neighbors are acres away and weren’t disturbed by our behavior.

When I got home on Sunday morning, Marie came over and we installed the bathroom cabinets. It’s so weird to walk by the bathroom and see actual cabinets where I used to only see the plywood subfloor and plumbing sticking out of the wall. And when I came downstairs this morning, it was even weirder to not see the cabinets sitting in the middle of the living room!

The countertop installers come today to measure everything, and then there’s a punch list of things like finishing the linen closet, installing the new GFI outlet and swapping the other electrical fixtures to white, and figuring out what to do with the lighting in there. I can’t believe it’s almost done!

I got a lesson on driving the tractor -- sure wish it had an automatic transmission.

I got a lesson on driving the tractor -- sure wish it had an automatic transmission.

Bob enjoys the small inferno he has created.

Bob enjoys the small inferno he has created.

Mmmmm, roasted peeps!

Mmmmm, roasted peeps!

Another milestone for the bathroom renovation!

Another milestone for the bathroom renovation!


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