August 17, 2011

Peas, meet Evan. Evan, meet peas.

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I expect that only my mother will watch all nine and a half minutes of Evan getting his first taste of peas. And even she may lose interest … But, nonetheless, here it is, documented for posterity. There are some funny faces!

August 14, 2011

Starting day care

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I’ve been lucky enough to be able to bring Evan with me to work thus far, but the Bring Your Baby to Work program ends at six months. Many have asked what he will do, and apparently my plan to leave him at home with an open box of Cheerios has not been well-received. So, I’ve lined up Day Nursery if that box of Cheerios thing doesn’t work out. Day Nursery is the oldest child care provider in the state of Indiana, and is one of the few non-profit child care agencies in the Indianapolis area. They have seven locations, including one very near our house.

Monday will be a very emotional day (for me more than Evan, I suspect), as we begin this new chapter — one where we are now separated more than 40 hours a week. I am not sure I have been separated from Evan for a total of 40 hours in his life!

But, it must be done. I am not in a situation where I could stay home with him all day, every day, and I’m not sure I’m the kind of person who could do that on a social and intellectual level, even if I could do it on a financial one. I look at child care as the beginning of school — eventually he would be going to elementary school, so we’re just starting his education early.

To keep myself from becoming a sniveling wreck, here’s what I’ll be focused on come Monday:

  1. I’ll be able to wear jewelry and high heels again since I won’t be toting him around the office any more.
  2. My walk to the office will be much faster, since I don’t have to load up all his gear and push the stroller four blocks.
  3. Someone else will change five-sevenths of the diapers (and probably most of the poopy ones!)
  4. I will be able to use the gym in my office building during my lunch hour (I’ll get back to you on whether that really does happen!)
  5. I will be able to focus on work at work, which means I’ll be able to focus on Evan after the workday ends. (Again, I’ll get back to you on how much work I still do at home!)
  6. I won’t have to tell my coworkers when I’m going to the bathroom so they can listen for his cries if he wakes up.
  7. I will no longer narrate all the activity of my day for Evan’s benefit. (I may still do it for my own benefit, but I’ll try to break that habit.)
  8. Evan will continue honing his great social skills (he’s closed a lot of client deals in the last three months) and will make lots of new friends at Day Nursery.
  9. Most of all, I know that Evan is ready for the next stage in his development, and it demands more time, interaction and experience than I have at the moment. The great teachers and assistants at Day Nursery will work with Evan every day on all levels of his development. He’ll have other kids to interact with, and this environment will offer him a great stability and continuity that will enable him to thrive.

Even with all of those great points, I’ll still be wearing waterproof mascara on Monday. I can’t imagine not seeing this face all day.

August 9, 2011

Time flies when you’re changing diapers

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I cannot believe how fast the last six months has gone. It seems like only yesterday I was in the hospital, amazed that I had grown this tiny creature. Now you continue to grow and change every day. You’ve gone from 5 pounds, 15 ounces, to something close to or maybe even beyond 16 pounds. (Dr. Abernathy will tell us for sure at your six-month check up on Thursday.) You’re stronger and more expressive every day. Your legs are strong, and you love to stand up in my lap or on the floor. I’m sure that you’ll get lots of tummy time and floor play when you start day care next week, and I bet you’ll be rolling over and crawling around in no time. I love to hold a toy in front of you and watch you study it and then reach out to try to grasp it.

It’s amazing to watch you explore the world around you, whether it’s by reaching for things, shoving toys in your mouth or just looking around and taking it all in. I can still remember looking in the rearview mirror about two months ago and seeing you awake and looking out the window, marveling at the world going by outside. You have such a serious, thoughtful look on your face that I can’t wait to hear what you are thinking. You’ve been swimming a few times and love the water — you’ve learned to kick your legs and make splashes. This has changed bath time as well — I get almost as wet as you do!

You are such a happy boy! You have been coming with me to work — I’m so lucky to work for such a great company — and clients and coworkers always comment on how great you are. One client said last week, “Best baby ever!” (This was the same client whose meeting you once interrupted with an incredibly rude — and loud — noise.) You’ve been to several meetings at Lilly, and my clients there are so focused on you that they hardly seem to notice I’m in the room. You’ve been loved on by so many people, but you always come back to me!

For the last month, or maybe even longer, you’ve been sleeping through the night, quite easily. Sometimes you fuss a little at bedtime around 7:30 or so, but you quickly settle right down, and I very rarely hear a peep out of you until at least 5 a.m. Some nights, it seems like you are asleep before your head hits the mattress. You can’t imagine how wonderful this is, and I love you all the more for it. Every night before I go to bed, I sneak in for another look at you. The sound of your deep breathing and little murmurs almost makes my heart burst. Many nights, I have to move your security blanket off your face — for some reason, you love to fall asleep with it draped over your head.

As you learn and explore, so do I. So much of motherhood is trial and error. What worked yesterday may not work today and what failed yesterday could be a total success today. You are very forgiving of my mistakes as we work our way through being mother and son. Honestly, I’ve found motherhood to be a pretty easy adjustment. When I find myself worrying about Little League or calculus homework or watching you walk into your college dorm, I remind myself that we’ll both be ready for whatever lies ahead. What an adventure we’ll have together!


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