March 4, 2010

In celebration of National Grammar Day, some commonly misused words

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National Grammar Day isn’t usually a day for greeting cards or gift exchanges, but I have a little gift for you! Yesterday I spoke at an Indiana University School of Journalism PR writing class and shared with the students a pretty big collection of commonly confused words and grammar problems. I had a lot of fun, and it appeared that the kids did too (it might have something to do with the chocolate I threw at the kids when they answered questions, even if they were wrong).

Then I was able to visit with a lot of the professors and staff who I had both taken classes from and then worked with for three years after I graduated. Ernie Pyle Hall has changed a lot — the library no longer has actual books, but a lot of computer workstations for research. The classrooms I studied and taught in are relatively unchanged, except for “The Pit,” a classroom in the photo lab area of the building that used to be more like a basement — no windows and you had to go down a flight of stairs into it. Now, it’s all on the main level and it’s full of windows. A lovely room, but I was a bit disturbed by the number of professors who told me that all the bodies are buried there. Their story sounded a little too rehearsed.:-)

So, as my gift to you, click the Read More link to see the list of commonly misused words on the blog, or click here to download a PDF that you can use for your own reference!

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