February 24, 2009

Where’s the Beef?

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So, the full story of the cow on Washington Street, for those following my Twitter or Facebook feeds. I was walking to meet a friend for dinner after work this evening and encountered, at a street corner in the heart of downtown Indy, a man with a cow. He asked me if I wanted to pet the cow, and I almost said no. But then I figured, what the heck — it was too good to pass up. Apparently, according to the carny/cow handler, his company had been hired to set up on the street corner and give out money to random people and let them pet the cow. Of course, the money was all gone by the time I got there, but the guy gave me his business card in case I needed a clown, inflatable or petting zoo for my next party. Little does he know my parties already have enough animals on hand, and I don’t mean my cats.

The cow’s name was Oreo, although he didn’t have any white coloring — did they mean the cream on the inside?

And, yes, I washed my hands when I got to dinner.

Not often you see a cow on a downtown street corner.

Not often you see a cow on a downtown street corner.

February 20, 2009

Christening the new tub

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Hard to believe it, but nearly a year and a half after Dad and I pulled out the old tub, I am able to use the new one! I showered in it this morning and just took a FAB-U-LOUS (hands over head, Colin) bath that lasted more than an hour. That inline heater was worth every penny — the water stayed warm forever. Now I can safely tear out the old shower and turn it into a linen closet. Or maybe a shoe closet, since I have more shoes than linens….

Right now, the new vanity cabinets are downstairs in the living room, and I hope that this weekend I can tear out the shower and old vanity and then get started on repairing all the damage done by removing the wallpaper. I swear, that stuff was hung with SuperGlue!

Enjoying the tub

Enjoying the tub

February 17, 2009

The Dog Ate My ….

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…. pajamas. No, seriously. I just came back from four days in Corpus Christi — I went down with Marie to visit her mom, and four days of warmer temps was a welcome break from Indy. Granted, it was pretty overcast most days, but it was still nice to nap out in the back yard, rather than bundled up in fleece and buried under an electric blanket (which is what I am doing now!)

So, Marleen has two dogs, Blaze and Molly. They’ve had Blaze since she was a puppy, almost 10 years now. She’s very well-behaved, mellow and loving. My only beef with her is that Marleen sometimes get me confused with the dog — she calls her Beth and me Blaze. Sadly, we both answer to the other’s name.

Molly is a new addition to the family, dumped in the neighborhood a little more than a year ago. I’m not sure how old she is or even what she is, except rambunctious! When I was there last January, Molly had only been there a month, and I left my library book unattended in the backyard. Molly chewed up the first 100 pages or so. (Quite graciously, she only ate the pages I had already read.) I took the book back to the library, for pure shock value. The lady behind the desk took one look at it and said, “Oh, you’re going to have to pay for that.” Well, duh. Marleen also got a new cell phone about that time.

Marleen has trained Molly a bit better now, and walks her several times a day so Molly can burn off all that excess energy. There are also about a thousand rawhide bones and other chew toys around the house. Regardless, during this last visit, I was pretty careful to keep my needlework and laptop out of the way. But, we came home from Sunday brunch to discover that Molly had chewed up an entire box of Kleenex. We quickly checked the more valuable items in the house (such as aforementioned laptop and needlework) and were relieved that no greater damage had been done.

That was, at least, our belief until bedtime. When I picked up my pajama bottoms from my suitcase, they looked more like chaps than actual pajama bottoms.

February 3, 2009

How many Milletts are there?

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My friend Steve, who I think spends all day surfing the net for really cool Web sites and tools (it’s kinda his job), found this one, where you can see the distribution of your last name across the United States. According to this, I am one of six Milletts living in Indiana. The greatest concentration of us is in Maine. It would be interesting to see the percentage of Milletts relative to total state population. I think the seven Milletts in Alaska account for a greater percentage than the six of us in Indiana.

Check it out, and then try your own last name! http://www.dynastree.com/maps/detail/millett.html


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