April 27, 2008

Free ice cream!

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Thanks to my friend Christina, who always alerts me of Ben & Jerry’s free ice cream day! This Tuesday, April 29, visit your nearest B&J for a free scoop! Find a local shop here: http://www.benjerry.com/scoop_shops/

Okay, gotta get back to hanging cement backerboard in the master bath. Progress is being made, but slowly!

love to all!

April 18, 2008

The Wonderlab

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A few weeks ago, I was in Bloomington to work the IU Mini, a half-marathon and 5K event that is a scholarship fundraiser. After the event, I hooked with with Jen and the kids — we had breakfast with a huge group of their family friends, then Jen and I took the kids to the Wonderlab, a cool, hands on kids exploratorium. They have a bubble room, all kinds of crawly critters (no, I do not need to hold the giant African cockroach or the millipede that is a foot long, thank you very much) and great exhibits that will stretch growing young minds.

They have this cool thing called the grapvine, which is a collection of platforms about two stories tall, connected by cables and protected by a flexible wiry meshy thing. You can climb from level to level and explore all sorts of ways to get to the top. We were some of the last folks to leave, so Katie and George and I worked our way to the top. It’s a little easier for someone less than 50 inches tall — they called me “slowpoke” as I tried to pull my longer limbs through smaller openings and from one “leaf” to another. I was able to hand my phone to Jen and she took some pictures of us from the stairs.

Beth and George on the Grapevine

Beth and Katie in the Grapevine

Spring has finally sprung!

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It seems like it’s been super-slow in getting here (and there’s been a record rainfall), but we’re finally enjoying weather warm enough that I can put the top down and enjoy the ride. (Though many of you know that I have managed to open the convertible once a month since I got it about three and a half years ago. Sometimes it’s a downright painful ride, but still fun.)

And I’ve been checking every day on my daffodils. Many of the hundred or so I have planted have bloomed, but I’ve been waiting for my favorites, the Tahitian Daffodils. I have about 35 or 40 of them planted in the bed on my front walk, and finally they have burst open. A few were peeking out last night, but this morning it was spectacular. (Maybe the earthquake shook them open!)

I felt the Earth move…

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This morning, about 5:40 a.m., the Midwest was hit by a “moderate” earthquake. It registered 5.4, and was centered about 160 miles southwest of Indy. It lasted about 45 seconds. Pretty wicked!

I’ve actually been in three earthquakes — another one here at home on the New Madrid fault line in 1987 and one in San Francisco in the early 90s. None of them were major, but it’s a pretty strange feeling. In San Francisco, I was totally freaked out, waiting for aftershocks.

And today is the 102nd anniversary of the great quake in San Francisco. Interesting coincidence!

April 1, 2008

Hey, Tall Steve!

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One word for you: RABBITS!


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