August 20, 2012

Baby gear for sale

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Now that Evan is  “big boy,” I’m trying to clear out my garage for the bigger toys he uses, like a big wheel, wagon, push toys, etc. It’s a never-ending cycle!

If you or a friend is in the market for some very gently use, very clean, very nice baby gear, please let me know! Post a comment here and we’ll figure out how to go from there (I think you have to provide your email address but only I can see it.)

All photos are of actual items, and I’ve tried to link to manufacturer sites for all the specs on items. I’m happy to arrange a mutually convenient Indianapolis area for you to check things out. My home is smoke-free, and everything is in outstanding condition. Only the Papasan chair was previously used (my sister’s two girls).

FAO Schwarz diaper bag: Brand new — tag still attached! Five interior pockets, two insulated interior bottle pockets, easy access key fob, eight exterior pockets, back panel secure zipper pocket, cross-body adjustable strap as well as non-slip stroller straps, matching changing pad with pocket for diapers and wipes. $30

Baby Papasan chair, with vibrating seat. Folds flat for easy transportation. The dangling toy is missing, but you can clip or tape one on yourself. In good condition; machine washable. $40 (used by my nieces and Evan)

Graco Silhouette swing: quiet, with adjustable reclined positions, six speeds, songs and nature sounds, and removeable mobile. Laguna bay pattern, machine washable. Includes an supportive insert for newborns. Pristine condition. For more information see Graco website (not the same pattern):  $60 (Used by Evan)

Ergo Baby Sport carrier, rated the best, most comfortable carrier by Baby Bargains, and I agree! Can be used front, side or back. Includes a sunshade in a front pocket. Black. Also included, the infant insert (cream), required for babies who are less than four months old. In great condition; machine washable. For more info (not the same color): $70 (Used by Evan)

April 24, 2012

And then my heart exploded…

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Never mind that my car smells like spoiled milk (from sippy cups tossed aside), or that I can’t stay awake past 8:52, or that I now have to lock my toilets… when he discovers something fun and exciting, my heart just about quadruples in size. This is why I wanted to be a mom!

April 14, 2012

Dinnertime music

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Evan is eating pretty much anything I put in front of him these days. He’s very good at feeding himself, though we’re still working on not dropping the sippy cup over the edge of the high chair tray. He loves carbs in particular and will go to town on a slice of toast, crackers or pasta.

Here’s what a typical meal sounds like!

March 5, 2012

Revised Turquoise

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I mentioned when sharing my latest needlework completions that I didn’t like one of the colors I chose for the Turquoise piece. I went back to Persnickety Stitchers and picked out something else. Last weekend, while in Chicago with one of my best friends, I ripped out the old stuff and put in the new. I’m much happier with the results!

March 1, 2012

Vintage Evan

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These are some videos I’ve been meaning to post for ages — they were some new skills I caught on video in December. Now this stuff is totally old hat. He’s now cruising furniture like a madman. Forbidden items, like my iPhone and remote controls, continue to be the greatest motivators!



February 29, 2012

Outstanding dinnertime entertainment

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While we were in North Carolina visiting my parents (Grammy and Paca to Evan), we were trying to keep him going for a few more minutes so I could eat my dinner before his bedtime. We pulled the jumper over to the table and put in a very sleepy boy.

February 28, 2012

There’s no hiding from him!

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Evan’s been home sick for two days with a fever and lots of congestion. Yesterday the doctor said maybe he has an ear infection and gave us some antibiotics. He seems a little better this morning, so I hope he can go back to school tomorrow.

On Sunday, he was still chipper enough to have some fun with me on the other side of the end table.

February 27, 2012

The many first birthday celebrations

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Evan is, as my sister says, a well-celebrated boy! We were in North Carolina for the week before his birthday, to celebrate with my parents (and avoid the Super Bowl craziness in Indy), then had the Johnsons over for dinner on February 9. He wasn’t feeling great, so the festivities weren’t all that joyous, but then we had a small party of close friends over the following weekend. So, he had finally figured out what to do with the cake by the time that party rolled around. It still took two attempts, though, as we were too close to naptime and the applause and encouragement from the crowd sent him right over the edge.

Excited for the party to start at Grammy and Paca's!


After a nap, he finally gets into the cake. There was even icing up his nose!


The post-cake bath in the kitchen sink. Thanks, Auntie Angela!

February 26, 2012

A couple of needlework projects finished!

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I have a long list of projects in various stages of completion. I’m been surprised at how much needlework I’ve been able to get done since Evan’s birth. He goes to bed around 7 p.m., and some nights I have the energy to stitch for an hour or two. I completed the stocking cuff for his stocking as well as his cousin Sheridan, so we will have a complete set of family stockings this Christmas!

I have been working on a whole series of very cool Glitz and Glamour patterns. I have nine currently being framed, the two shown here just completed (Kunzite and Turquoise) and one more (Morganite) to do. (But I see from her website that there are several more I need to do — Onyx, Carnelian, Garnet, Opal, Harlequin Opal and Tourmaline!

I love that these use a variety of fibers and stitches, so I’m always doing something new. I also love the effect created by the different shades of the same color.

When the framing is done, I think I’ll be hanging these in my new office at work.

August 17, 2011

Peas, meet Evan. Evan, meet peas.

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I expect that only my mother will watch all nine and a half minutes of Evan getting his first taste of peas. And even she may lose interest … But, nonetheless, here it is, documented for posterity. There are some funny faces!

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